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Last Flight from Eden
Last Flight from Eden

Oil on Canvas


102 cm x 76 cm

This work has been a selected Finalist for The 42nd Alice Prize – 2022 and for the  2022 Portia Geach Memorial Award - S.H. Ervin Gallery

VR Morrison is well known for her highly realistic and lavish artworks that use beauty as an artifice to explore dark and ominous morality tales. In this portrait, I have painted my good friend and fellow artist Corrine Lewis because she was heavily impacted by the recent flood disasters in Northern NSW and understands the environmental emergency that we face.


This painting appears to celebrate a beautiful and manicured flight attendant, portraited by Corinne, as she rescues an orphaned elephant from a world of burning clouds. However, in reality the elephant represents all the things we should have protected, but now it is too late as there is only one left. Yet, we arrogantly escort the last elephant on a lavish last flight from this dying planet.

© Copyright VR Morrison
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